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Company history

  • 2003 The company purchases the slaughterhouse and meat-processing facility in Gheorgheni, continuing its activities.
  • 2006 Opening of the first Benedek presentation shop.
  • 2007 Certification according to ISO 22000 standard.
  • 2008 With the aid of an EU tender, the company increasing the daily production capacity to 15 tonnes. The surface of the production unit is more than 2400 square meters and is equipped with last generation machines and processing equipment.
  • 2009 Registration of the BENEDEK brand name.
  • 2014 20th anniversary, 128 employees work at the meat factory.
  • 2017 Change in ownership takes place within the company.
  • 2017 – 18 The company reinvests 2.2 million EUR for modernization, the purchase of new machines and the complete renovation of the maturation department.
  • 2018 Registration of the brand name BENEDEK CIUC Pastrami 2018
  • 2018 Launch of the GASTRO FOOD product range for the hospitality industry.
  • 2019 The company successfully qualified for further funds from the EU of 2.5 million EUR, so the production area will increase by 2000 square meters, and it will be enriched with new generation equipment.
  • 2020 The tender will be implemented over the next two years, thus increasing the capacity of the factory to 25 tones/day.
  • 2021 The company builds a new maturation department.
  • 2022 With another successful EU tender, the company invests 1.3 million EUR to modernize and buy new machines.
  • 2022 431 employees work at the meat factory.
  • 2023 Getting certified according to ISO 9001 standards.