Strategy, mission, objectives:

Food safety is part of the general company policy and by the management policy practiced by the managers of the company, all employees are made aware of the responsibilities they bear in ensuring food safety and quality of the products. The production is accomplished by qualified personnel led by a team of technologist engineers with extensive experience.

The recognition of the quality and innocuity of the BENEDEK brand meat products, produced by ARTERIMPEX LTD in technical and hygienic conditions of European level, has allowed obtaining the intra-community trade authorization.

The production and commercialization unit consists of:

  • Production line for meat cutting;
  • Production line for cooked and smoked meat products;
  • Production line for specialties;
  • Production line for prepared meat (minced meat, highly seasoned forcemeat);
  • Production line for production of raw-dried meat products;
  • Production line for vacuum packaging or modified atmosphere packaging (thermoforming, flow-pack);
  • Storage spaces of raw materials – refrigerated and frozen – of semi-finished and finished products, have electronic temperature monitoring systems;
  • The vehicle fleet consisting of means of transportation specialized for food products with capacity between 3, 5 and 15 tons.

The objectives pursued by the company management are:

  • Continuous satisfaction of customers’ requirements through flexibility towards requirements and seriousness;
  • Continuous training of the employees to improve their professional and specialized qualification;
  • Development of the distribution area on a national level through the distributors and international commercial chains;
  • Achievement of long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with all our collaborators.

In conclusion:

One of the main goals, missions of the company is to fulfil our customers’ objectives through superior quality offered at minimal prices. ARTERIMPEX LTD is preoccupied with offering continuous training to its employees so they can always be aware of everything that’s new and they can always be prepared for all challenges. This way, the company managed to emphasize the talent of each hard working and inspired employee, along with the recipes passed on from generation to generation.

Our factory has deep roots in the authentic traditions of the place and in the respect for the people, the people who, for many years now, choose to put on their tables high quality food products obtained from fresh meat cooked as in your childhood’s parental home.

For many years now, we are warmly greeted in Europe, our products being highly appreciated on the tables and in the healthy traditions of Europeans from Hungary, Spain, Italy and United Kingdom.

We are always receptive and open to your suggestions and observations to achieve continuous improvement of our products’ quality.

If you haven’t tried our products yet, do not hesitate to do it, because Benedek products make the difference by design, quality and taste.